“Cass’s gift as an animal communicator is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Her talent for animal communication is truly extraordinary. She has perfected the art of translating the unspoken thoughts and emotions of our beloved pets. What an incredible skill.” -Maisha, Toffee’s Mom


Beige curly dog

“Cass exceeded my expectations on my dog, Sol’s reading. She was able to channel so much information that Sol was trying to communicate. One of which was that Sol wanted to be trained more and taken to agility classes. That same day I took her to a class and she was over the moon excited and pushing herself to train. Her trainer was so impressed with Sol’s will and focus to learn. I often get intuitions that Sol wants to tell me something specific, getting a reading from Cass was a game changer in my relationship with Sol. She feels heard and her needs met!” – Ana Galvez




“We give Cass a high rating of 10!” 


“Cass’s communication with my beloved boxer Murphy, who passed away last September, was amazing. Her comments after her experience communicating with Murphy have stayed with me. 

Murphy relayed to Cass that he liked purple flowers. This blew my mind, because the day before Cass told me, I got a beautiful pot of purple flowers from my dear friend. Every time I see purple flowers now, I think of Murphy. Another thing Cass informed me of was that Murphy would like for me and my partner to monitor our other boxer, Marley. They were inseparable. We understand why Murphy cautioned us to monitor Marley as she is having seizures and fainting spells due to an irregular heartbeat. Thanks to Murphy, we watch Marley closely now. Cass helped us understand and know that Murphy is at peace and will always be in our hearts. It was very comforting to get some messages from our beloved dog. We highly recommend Cass as an animal interpreter for you and your furry loved ones. It’s surreal and amazing.”  -Stephanie 



Young tabby cat

“Working with Cass was an educational experience. She helped me understand my elderly cat’s physical and emotional struggles. She showed me how to use EFT on Trouble to release his emotional pain which helped me with my own emotional well-being. Cass is empathetic and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her work with your pets.” -Sally 

“With the ultimate grace, love, and precision, Cass relayed my dog Subi’s story and her own perception of her mission in my life too. The specific detail with which Cass painted this story, hinged on key life events in my own journey as well as Subi’s, and gave illuminating insight into Subi’s hopes and dreams for our future together. I was able to connect dots that validated Subi’s characteristics when I first rescued her, and learn that she would like to ‘garden’ together, all while wearing sparkles. Thank you Cass for your gift of connection!” – Susannah

“I’ve worked with a few animal communicators, and none of them have given as much detail as Cass. I rescued a two year old 120 lb Cane Corso who had several issues due to abuse and being attacked by other dogs, which made her reactive to other dogs. I felt it imperative to speak with a professional communicator to fully understand the issues Gemma faced. Cass took the time to really get to know the issues Gemma had and communicate with her. I knew Cass was the real deal when she surprised me out of the blue by mentioning how Gemma enjoyed being dressed up, her favorite plush toys, and being tucked in at bedtime with her fleece blanket. There was no way that Cass could have known that. Cass gave me the information and tools I needed to develop a much deeper understanding of Gemma, which has improved our relationship more than I could with a trainer. Next time, I won’t wait to consult with Cass when I choose a new pet. I look forward to having a deeper, more meaningful relationship now with my rescued pets.” – Cat

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