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Animal Communication

Through telepathy, scanning and intuition, Cass can help provide answers to physical and emotional issues as well as behavioral and nutritional concerns. Her main goal is to help animals feel truly heard and understood so that both animal and owner can thrive. Whether you’re facing questions regarding your pets health or just seeking a better state of well being, Cass can help provide answers and comfort. Energy healing on both humans and animals has been known to enhance overall health and happiness as well as spur remarkable transformations. Emotional and energetic healing is meant to balance the energetic flow between both you and your animal, so often owners will feel a calm and centeredness effect following the sessions, as well.  

Session Cost $125 or 5-pack $550

Beige curly dog

Bioscalar Wave Energy Healing

Scalar energy, also referred to as “scalar fields” are subtle energy frequencies within our bodies. Scalar energy is deeply intertwined with both quantum field theory and quantum mechanics and is considered one of the most remarkable scientific discoveries of all time. By harnessing these frequencies it is believed we can facilitate healing in the body. This telepathic transfer of thoughts and energy waves is known not only to us humans but animals in the wild as well, who have been using it for millenia to communicate with their herds, flocks, packs and schools. 


Bioscalar healing sessions are done via phone, zoom or in person. I start by grounding the electromagnetic field around the animal and then balance the chakra system. This technique can be used to help provide answers to nutritional, physical, emotional or behavior issues and help create a more harmonious living arrangement for both my fur clients and their humans. 

Session Cost $75 or 5-pack $300

Young tabby cat

Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping)

The EFT process is broken into three clearly defined stages which are de-escalation, restructuring and consolidation. Results from 1-5 sessions can provide a clear path toward healing destructive or emotional behaviors such as:


Cats who don’t get along

Dogs who bark incessantly

Fear of going places / veterinary care

Urinating outside litter box

Food hoarding

Fear of noises


Several emotional and behavioral issues are trauma related. We work to remove that trauma and replace the emotion with confidence and trust, thereby rewiring the destructive behavior. Emotional freedom sessions are done via phone, zoom or in person. If using tapping, I will instruct the owner of proper tapping points. EFT requires at least two or more sessions with some time in between for best results. 

Session Cost $95 or 5-pack $400

Equine Assisted Learning Facilitation

Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) involves guided sessions where I facilitate the interaction between you and our therapy horses to help unlock behavior patterns, thoughts and emotions that might be holding you back or creating dis-ease in your mind, body and overall life. Using the divine energy and sentient knowing of horses, we work together somatically and energetically to empower you with new skills to navigate life’s challenges. 

Session Cost $150 or 5-pack $600

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