about me

Cass Del Castillo has nine lives and in this one she’s a certified Animal Communicator and Energy Healer for those who can’t speak, usually walk on all fours and are typically furry. Spending over 30 years as an American Sign Language interpreter in the Deaf community, this detour isn’t such a big departure for Cass, it’s just another way she provides a service and bridges communication between beings who use different languages. After a vivid dream about three white horses, Cass began to do some research. 

“I was given a very clear message in this dream, that there was healing to do and I was to be a part of that. There were no barriers of audible language, the message just seemed to pour into my heart.” 

Waking from that dream changed Cass’ life. Her research led her to Saffyre Sanctuary, which not surprisingly had, at the time, three white horses. There she met renowned Animal Communicator and author, Joan Ranquet, connecting her to Joan’s  ‘Communication With All Life University.’ Five years later, Cass has earned her certificate in animal communication and energy healing and is getting glowing reviews of her approach, connection and accuracy from clients. 

Sometimes when we open up to possibilities and don’t plan it out so much, we find our calling. Cass heeded that calling and did something about it. Years later, Cass finds herself not only volunteering at Saffyre Sanctuary, but serving on the board. She’s also completed courses in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT for animals), Scalar Wave, Meridian Touch Acupressure for animals, the Silva Method, just to name a few.. She is currently enrolled in the Equine Assisted Learning Certification program at Shakti Ranch in Malibu and will add this to her offerings, upon completion, in June 2024. 

“I have been learning to do what was so natural in that dream, to communicate, energetically, without words, to help, heal, and love & show others to do the same.”

Cass holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Deaf Studies, with a focus on interpreting, from one of the earliest universities to offer a four-year Deaf Studies program, California State University, Northridge. Her interpreting work has included education, law, medical and the entertainment industries. She has over 32 years experience as a professional communicator, and is eager to uncover this next chapter!

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