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Animal Communication

Through telepathy, scanning and intuition, Cass can help provide answers to physical and emotional issues as well as behavioral and nutritional concerns. Her main goal is to help animals feel truly heard and understood so that both animal and owner can thrive.

Scalar Wave

Scalar energy, also referred to as “scalar fields” are subtle energy frequencies within our bodies. Scalar energy is deeply intertwined with both quantum field theory and quantum mechanics and is considered one of the most remarkable scientific discoveries of all time. By harnessing

Emotional Freedom Technique

The EFT process is broken into three clearly defined stages which are de-escalation, restructuring and consolidation. Results from 1-5 sessions can provide a clear path toward healing destructive or emotional behaviors such as: Cats who don’t get along: Dogs who bark incessantly ...


“I’ve worked with a few animal communicators, and none of them have given as much detail as Cass. I rescued a two year old 120 lb Cane Corso who had several issues due to abuse and being attacked by other dogs, which made her reactive to other dogs. I felt it imperative to speak with a professional communicator to fully understand the issues Gemma faced. Cass took the time to really get to know the issues Gemma had and communicate with her. I knew Cass was the real deal when she surprised me out of the blue by mentioning how Gemma enjoyed being dressed up, her favorite plush toys, and being tucked in at bedtime with her fleece blanket. There was no way that Cass could have known that. Cass gave me the information and tools I needed to develop a much deeper understanding of Gemma, which has improved our relationship more than I could with a trainer. Next time, I won’t wait to consult with Cass when I choose a new pet. I look forward to having a deeper, more meaningful relationship now with my rescued pets.” – Cat

In the business of communication for
over 30 years.

Cass Del Castillo has nine lives and in this one she’s a certified Animal Communicator and Energy Healer for those who can’t speak, usually walk on all fours and are typically furry.

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